What should i do on the 25th of October?

✔️As the HF is launched, there will be a major dip in the price of the BTC GOLD after the listing

✔️The immediate market response will be for profit-takers to sell on the open market, which will make it undervalued because they think it will dip like what happened to BCC.

✔️Low-risk strategy: Sell immediately into whatever buys are available for BTC GOLD. You may end up selling into a falling knife then kicking yourself afterwards, but you will have a safe stash of immediate new BTC. 

✔️Higher-risk strategy: You can hold BTC GOLD till it reverts to the mean, then wait for a breakout in the coming days. (HODL strategy)

✔️Highest risk strategy: Sell your coins on the way down and accumulate more coins at a perceived bottom. This can lead to extra gains when the price consolidates. However, this can also lead to holding a “dead coin” if the price continues to dip in the coming days. (Accumulation strategy)

Published on : 2017-10-09 17:26:57