Bitcoin Going Away Is ‘Delusional’ Thinking: Finance Advisor To Investors

A traditional asset manager has speculated his views on Bitcoin and said that people shouldn't get delused seeing high rise of Bitcoin prices. He alsi says that the people who invest in Bitcoins or other such digital currencies or cryptocurrencies need financial education. According to him, "Anyone who thinks this is a fad is deluding themselves – clients really need to be educated on this topic". 
Although on the other hand, fellow advisers such as George Gagilardi compares Bitcoin to something like an internet Lucky draw. Where you don't know whether you're Investing in the next Microsoft or the next Napster. Nonetheless, more and more prominent sources from the fiat world have recommended Bitcoin, especially as an investment opportunity, with CNBC recently telling viewers the ideal price at which they should buy Bitcoin.

Published on : 2017-08-30 15:28:15