How to guess potential price of any coin?

Finding out the potential of coins is always beneficiary. Because when the rates are low and if you're able to find out the future potential the coin holds then, mu friend you've got happiness all around you. Here, I'll discuss some points which will help you in finding out the potential of coins.

(1) It's concept: Here we have to see why the coin was invented (most of the coins have their YouTube videos and websites discussing about them) This helps you to get idea as to why people will use it in foreseeable future (example- etherium).

(2) Speciality: Every new thing possesses it's own speciality. If it doesn't, then it's no longer special and exists in market since long. This decreases it's potential (Redcoin).

(3) Secure and Anonymity : If any new coin in the market claims to be secure and maintaining Anonymity. Trust me, people take that seriously too. (CloakCoin)

(4) Translation Speed and fees : These two are also major factors. People will consider it worth buying if it's time saving and has less transaction fee. (DGB)

(5) Professional : If a coin is owned or possessed by a known brand or company it has better market value or of they have put on the details about the coins more specifically on Their website, then it creates a feeling of trust among people. (DGB)

(6)advertising-if any any coin promoting itself harder(see its youtube video, is they upload time to time, is they promoting every website) its mean this new coin is coming in everyone's mind amd people will must buy for holding. (7) Maximum Supply : It's one of the major factors as well. If coin has too much supply, it results in loss of potential. As price cannot increase in this case because of high supply. (Redcoin)

Published on : 2017-09-01 05:10:53