Are you participating in Pump Trading?

Nowadays, many people have fallen into the trap of Pump trading, thinking they would earn a lot using this (and they do many times). But contrary to belief, they sometimes waste their money like water which pushes them so down that they would never be able to get up. The coins which they had put into investment never reaches the heights they dreamt of.
Let's unfurl the truth behind pump trading.
Administrators of some groups buy some coins and order Their members to do so as well. And they exactly do what the admin says. When every member is busy in buying coins. The admin starts selling them and extracts his own profit. But you keep yourself Hungry for more and keep on buying all the coins you could. But, in a game, someone definitely has to lose. And that's what happens all the coins are sold by the admin in the end and what you get is nothing.
So, please keep patience and follow the best signal  and stay safe from such things. 


Published on : 2017-08-29 11:42:24